We assist humanitarian organizations in their emergency response and development projects by providing a large range of Non-food Items (NFIs) and emergency relief supplies.

In Garissa County, Islamic Relief targeted to distribute food in 3 sub-Counties to 2,000 vulnerable households. Each 18kg food pack including 9kg rice, 4kg wheat flour, 2 kg beans, 2 kg sugar and 1 litre of vegetable oil.

We packed and Transported to the arid regions of Garissa,Wajir and Mandera Islamic Relief Kenya Stations.

Wegera Construction supplying special food packages are distributed to families

During Ramadan, special food packages are distributed to families in need from Kenya. Food parcels include staples, like rice, oil, flour, sugar, and Ramadan-specific foods, like dates. Packages are at least 15 kgs / 30 lbs, and are meant to supplement current food supplies.

A number of factors affect how long one food package will last a family, including how many people are in the family, but estimates are generally 10-14 days.

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